Business Solutions Yiakoumi & Partners Ltd provides a broad range of additional services and business solutions that are tailored to client needs. International Tax Yiakoumi & Partners Ltd offer a range of tax services designed to meet the needs of clients and as the trend towards internationalisation of commerce continues, businesses need to understand costs of operating in several jurisdictions. As tax inevitably represents a large part of those costs, providing an effective overview is essential. We are committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions. We provide a range of international tax services, including: • International corporate tax • Transfer pricing • Expatriate tax • Indirect taxes • International private client services
Consultancy The firm may provide management consulting services in the following areas: • Consultancy services for high net-worth individuals, companies, financial institutions • Special investigations and share valuations • Formation and flotation of companies • Acquisitions, mergers and takeovers • Project appraisals and evaluation • Receiverships and liquidations • Management advisory service • Management information systems/decision support tools
Internal Audit Organisations are continuing to adjust to the widespread procreation of enterprise systems aimed at producing more and better results with fewer resources. Timely and reliable business intelligence for your senior management team has probably never been more important. Would you like to establish an internal audit function, or extend the scope of your existing one so it contributes much more to shareholder value? Would you prefer to simply have specialised support readily available to fill gaps in coverage or to outsource the whole of the internal audit function to reliable professionals? Or would you like to know how well your internal audit function compares against best in class? We can develop a customised value proposition for your ongoing organisation to meet these and many other needs.
Risk Management In addition to the above we also offer Risk Management Services. We can provide you with a broad range of services to help you manage your enterprise's wide risk management issues; organizations that manage risks well can demonstrate the following: • Reduce management time wasted in fire fighting and dealing with surprises; • Have access to capital at reduced rates; • Withstand volatility in their operating environment; • Have a clear source of competitive advantage; • Find insurance easier to come by and premiums cheaper; • Are increasingly attractive to investors in turbulent markets; • And ultimately achieve higher share values which are sustainable
Other Professional Services • Yacht, ship and aircraft registration • Advice on acquisition of immovable property • Drafting commercial, consultancy and employment contracts • Intellectual property • Trade mark, patent and royalty work
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